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Use a PR Agency to Promote Your Event

Anyone planning a community event should consider using a public relations agency to help promote the event. By nature, a community event is a public event, and in the interest of maximizing attendance and participation, public relations tactics must be employed. Of course you can perform the PR functions and promote the event yourself, but the best results are achieved when hiring the pros. Below is an outline of some key benefits to hiring a public relations agency to promote your community event. Contacts * One of the best ways to get the word out about your upcoming community event is through the press and media. A public relations agency will have established relationships with key reporters on not only a local level but nationally as well. * Utilizing their contacts to promote (companies, brands, events, etc.) is the lifeblood of PR professionals and agencies. Because of this, they tend to be strategic, on the ball, and focused on the end result. * Using a public relations agency to promote your ev...


Great Managers Attract (and Keep) Great Talent

Widespread research suggests that people do not leave organizations; they leave their managers. The implication of this finding is that managers who are respected and seen as supportive of the people who work with them are indispensable to successful organizations. Without them, competent people may leave their current organization in search of better treatment. The resultant costs of recruitment, engagement and subsequent retention can be enormous. Less tangible are the indirect costs associated with the loss of corporate intelligence and the impact on morale.I ask participants in management workshops to isolate the characteristics of individuals with whom they have worked who they deem to have been exceptional managers. Their answers seldom focus on the educational background or technical capabilities of those people. Instead they emphasize that exceptional managers are passionate, have vision, are caring, treat people supportively, make work fun, challenge people to be their best, provide lots of feedback,...


Most Popular Sizes of Banner Stands

When you attend a trade show, you may notice that your eye is drawn to the booths that have banner stands. That's because banner stands provide an extremely noticeable visual display that attracts passersby. Banner stands are a great enhancement to any trade show display and provide a high-end, professional impact for a reasonable price.There are several different types of banner stands on the market today, but there are a few types and sizes that stand out in popularity. What are the most popular banner stand types? Why do certain sizes of banner stands have more of an edge?Sizes of Table-Top Banner StandsConsidered an entry-level banner stand, table top banner stands provide the impact of a banner at a reasonable price. They come in a variety of formats, and they offer a great way to add visual appeal to your table-top display.Popular sizes of table-top banner stands include 24 inches high, 18 inches high, and 42 inches high. Choosing the right height for a table-top banner stand depends on several fa...


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